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Cast of Characters

Narrator Fairies  (They act as a Greek Chorus introducing and explaining scenes.)

Ella  (the lead narrator who sings)

Alwyn  (a wide-eyed, innocent and fun-loving fairy who sings)

Breena  (a bit tougher, more sharp-tongued fairy who sings)


Fin (Pirate Captain – a “Monty Python” type of character quite taken with his position)

Grog  (Fin’s much more intelligent second-in-command)

Simon (one of the “chef” pirates who is not afraid of Fin)

Tobias (the other “chef” pirate who misses his mother)

Gristle  (the youngest pirate)

Stinky  (quite in love with the fairies)

Squiffy  (a well-meaning pirate who tries too hard to help)

Hornswoggle  (a not too bright pirate who is good friends with Squiffy)


Head Fairy  (a kind, motherly and loving fairy. She sings)

Pearl  (a kind fairy. She sings and dances)

Patience  (a concerned inquisitive fairy. She sings and dances)

Iris  (a no-nonsense fairy who will not abide silliness. She sings and dances)

Arrabella  (a sweet fairy who tends to repeat words others have said. She sings and dances)

(Our fairies could also dance en pointe and wore their pointe shoes throughout the musical.)


Margaret  (a young girl with an uncanny ability to understand the fairies and woodland creatures.  She sings a solo.)

Mother  (a loving woman trying to understand the magical world her daughter intrinsically understands)

Named Woodland Creatures

Beryl (an overly-enthusiastic rabbit who sings a solo)

Clarice (a rabbit who considers herself a leader)

Josephine  (a more serious rabbit who likes to reach consensus with the other creatures)

Harlan  (a squirrel who considers herself intellectually superior to all the other creatures)

Nutter (a very silly not-too-bright bumblebee)

Baby Bunny  (perhaps the smartest of all the creatures who dances)

Chuck  (a young creature who wants to do the right thing)

Twizzle  (a sweet silly friend of Chuck)


Woodland Creatures  (Unlimited Number)

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