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The Fairy Tea Party (Or How Pirates Almost Spoiled the Day) tells the story of a little girl, Margaret, who is much beloved by the Woodland Creatures and Fairies after she saved them from a terrible storm that threatened to destroy their home in The Beautiful Woods one year ago.  One year later Margaret is being honored at a special tea party hosted by her friends in the woods, but somehow lost pirates stumble onto the scene and hilarity ensues.  The pirates simply want to find their way back to their ship but their sense of direction is not the best and all but the Pirate Captain are intrigued by the beautiful fairies and the hilarious woodland creatures and would much rather stay and play. Filled with sweet songs, exciting production numbers and a lot of misunderstandings and confusion, The Fairy Tea Party (Or How Pirates Almost Spoil The Day) ultimately proves that kindness and friendship will always win the day. 

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